Two days ago, Fox put enough pressure on Time Warner to remove the ability to stream their videos using the TWCable TV iPad app.  Although Fox was not alone in asking to be removed from the app, the decision forced Time Warner to remove 20 channels from their app.

This incident has left Time Warner bitter, judging from a quote from their blog below:

And as you may have heard, the aforementioned programmers would like for us to pull the feeds for channels that they own from our iPad app. They are willing to threaten to sue over it, too. They also don’t want us to talk about this publicly for fear of bad PR — as though our customers are incapable of Googling a few news stories and cross-referencing them against a thinning channel lineup.”

Ouch. Time Warner also has a website on the app, called, which if you visit the site you will be able to find a list of all the channels that Time Warner was forced to take down.