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Some interesting things I have just found out, thanks to the May 4th edition of morning feed from Media Bistro…

-According to Nielsen data, 56.5 million people tuned into President Obama’s address to the country on Sunday night.

-On the second day of media coverage of bin Laden’s death, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Fox News have the strongest ratings

-Years ago, in 2005, Christiane Amanpour made an “eerie allusion” on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ about bin Laden hiding in a “nice comfortable villa”

– On Sunday night, between 7:30 and 8:30pm, Google reports having a 1 million percent increase in searches containing ‘bin Laden’


Photo courtesy of the Office of the Governor Ricky Perry’s website.



Uh-oh, someone’s being childish.

Texas Governor, Rick Perry, has decided that his tweets are off-limits to all media. This morning, Dallas Morning News reporter Tom Benning and at least two other journalists, according to Poynter, realized that they had been blocked from Perry’s account.

When he realized what had happened, Benning said that the entire situation “gave me a good chuckle.”

Follow Governor Rick Perry @GovernorPerry.

And Governor Perry, if  you somehow come across my blog and happen to read this post, I would like to inform you that

1. You cannot hide from the media by blocking reporters from following your Twitter. Nice try, though.

2. I think its time to grow up.