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Some interesting things I have just found out, thanks to the May 4th edition of morning feed from Media Bistro…

-According to Nielsen data, 56.5 million people tuned into President Obama’s address to the country on Sunday night.

-On the second day of media coverage of bin Laden’s death, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Fox News have the strongest ratings

-Years ago, in 2005, Christiane Amanpour made an “eerie allusion” on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ about bin Laden hiding in a “nice comfortable villa”

– On Sunday night, between 7:30 and 8:30pm, Google reports having a 1 million percent increase in searches containing ‘bin Laden’


Announced yesterday night at a talk by Krishna Bharat at Columbia’s J-school, Google News story pages will now have story-related tweets. Bharat, the founder of Google News, is also working on an update to its user interface. The update, according to Bharat, will be “a slider system of some kind” and will launch soon.

Bharat was pushed by Columbia J-school’s Dean of Students, Sree Sreenivasan, about a more concrete release date, but Bharat said he did not want to comment on it.

Rumors are swirling around Katie Couric, saying that her intentions are to leave CBS when her contract is up in June. More rumors have it that CBS is focusing on replacing her with Scott Pelley, who is a correspondent for “60 Minutes.”  Reporting on the rumors, on Thursday and Friday, were the Los Angeles Times’ Joe Flint and The Daily Beast’s Howard Kurtz. Pelley has been with CBS for over two decades and has been a correspondent with “60 Minutes” since 1999.

Its is not clear on the reasons why Couric would leave CBS but she has been seen meeting with former NBC boss Jeff Zucker and it is also widely believed to be pursuing a daytime or syndicated show. On Tuesday’s David Letterman, she told him that she “could leave” the network, stating that she was “figuring out” what she wants to do.

It has come to my attention on my mediabistros’s daily newsfeed that the New York Times has contacted Ian Adelman, a great digital designer, to help makeover their wesbite.

The Times is hoping that this will give their website a new look and feel, attracting more readers on a daily basis.  The position of a digital designer at the Times has sat vacant since Khoi Vinh resigned in July to pursue freelance work.

Best of luck to Adelman! I like the look of the Times’ website, though. Not sure how much more user-friendly and interactive it can get.

Photo courtesy of Netflix.

I am not a member of Netflix but I may have to join just because of this partnership. It was just announced that CBS and Netflix signed a two year, non-exlcusive licensing agreement to bring some of CBS’ hit shows to the renting company. TV shows like Frasier, Medium and Cheers will become available in early April.

This  is awesome. Cheers is one of my all time favorite shows as I was growing up and it still is. The only problem was that I couldn’t find a channel that still played it. Netflix is saying me the hassle of channel-surfing into a dead end.