Photo courtesy of the LA Times Blogs

I’m all for overthrowing governments who are not treating their citizens like they deserve but like every situation, it comes with good and bad. Over the weekend Ahmad Abu Khair, a veteran Syrian blogger was jailed while traveling from the town of Banias to Damascus. His recent bloggings let it be known that he is a supporter of Tunisias protestors’ efforts to overthrow the now former President Zine el Abidine ben Ali. ┬áCharges against Khair have yet to be made public.

This is where my love for journalism and adventure conflict with the trials of the world. I would love to someday be covering an event (especially one that started in one country and spread like wildfire) internationally but I also love life and do not want to be hurt, killed, jailed, etc.

My question to you guys is should journalists be off limits to governments dealing with protests? My answer is yes BUT I have one more question to ask you guys. Should there be an international law in favor of this?